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Rhode Island Wedding Photographer - Capturing Real Moments + Bold Memories









Hi I'm Cole, a Rhode Island wedding photographer. I'm excited to tell you my story, but the truth is that I just feel blessed enough to pick up a camera. It's been a wild ride and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I've been given along the way. If you asked a younger version of me if I saw myself as a photographer, I never would I have imagined myself jumping into this digital world of art.  I always had a paint brush in my hand or spending hours drawing in a sketch book.

I've been  drawing since a  young age, selling my artwork throughout the years, painting wall murals, and  teaching paint classes. Art is the backbone of who I am. I came across an opportunity to edit for a wedding company and it all unfolded there... I watched every video I could, I attended bridal shows, and invested in my own equipment. At the time, as scary as it was, my camera payments were more than my car payments! I ended up photographing 30 weddings that year alone. 

Another passion of my is fitness. I never skip a day at the gym. Thats when I pieced it all together. I started photographing fitness competitors and ventured off on my own. I paved my own path, spontaneously relocating down to  Rhode Island, where I would expand. I've followed the path to work with clients such as Boston Beer Company, Clifbar events, weddings all over New England, photographing Jui Jitsu classes, and partaking in art shows. The best is yet to come! 



Hi I'm Cole, your photographer, ready to capture your moments!

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 If you are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning and looking for your dream photographer, a boudoir session for that special someone, or a fitness shoot- Lets discuss it and create together.    -Cole-

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